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Nonprofit of the Month: Quasar Quantum Youth Fund

fabAZ | March 2022

With a goal of helping children ages 10 to 18 years–especially those affected by mental illness, trauma or addition–to lead healthy, mindful lives, Monica Samuels, owner of Scottsdale’s Quasar Quantum Healing, recently founded the Quasar Quantum Youth Fund. Here, Samuels discusses what prompted the start of Quasar Quantum Youth Fund during a pandemic and how readers can contribute to scholarships to help Valley youth.

What is the mission of Quasar Quantum Youth Fund (QQYF)? The mission of Quasar Quantum Youth Fund is to grant disadvantaged youth aged 10 to18 who have faced issues with substance use or experimentation, addiction, trauma or mental illness an opportunity to heal. QQYF also aims to set this population up for success, allowing youth to create a strong foundation for future health, wellness and healing.

What prompted the start of the nonprofit, especially during a pandemic? This nonprofit was created out of personal experience with the founder’s teenage daughter who was confronting issues with mental health and substance use. As a family, it was hard to see a loved one deal with these issues and it was something that we felt others should receive help with. The need to help youth with their struggles that are all too often dismissed, especially during a pandemic where genuine connection and self-care are even more important, became much more pressing.

What is the greatest reward in being involved with the nonprofit? The greatest reward that this nonprofit presents is the real impact that our services impart on young individuals that are at an incredibly vulnerable and impressionable stage of their life. QQYF firmly believes that intervening when individuals are young is especially important because they can take the effects of healing and wellness into the rest of their lives.

What is the biggest challenge the nonprofit faces? The biggest challenges that the nonprofit faces is earning the necessary donations to create scholarships for those facing financial hardships, and spreading the word. We are extremely grateful for any and every opportunity to raise money and create awareness so we can continue to fulfill our mission.

Quasar Quantum Youth Fund focuses on those aged 10 to 18 years. Can you speak about the importance of leading a healthy, mindful life as young as 10? Leading a healthy and mindful life is something that everyone should strive for, even as young as 10. As a society, we tend to ignore our own health and wellness until something is wrong instead of focusing on prevention. Our intention at QQYF is to interrupt this cycle and teach the importance of health and wellness at a young stage of life so that individuals can carry this lesson into future stages.

What are your goals for the remainder of the new year? Our main goal for the remainder of the year is to raise enough money to offer our services to at least 10 kids, either through partial or full scholarships. We always will maintain the goal of raising awareness and donations.

How can readers help? Readers can help by visiting our website,, and donating. Also, readers can stay tuned on our social platforms and sign up for our newsletter, both of which can be found on our website, to be informed about upcoming fundraising events.

Does the foundation have any events or fundraisers on the horizon? We are currently working on planning several open houses throughout the year in which clients can receive some of our services at Quasar Quantum Healing in exchange for a donation to QQYF. Stay tuned on our social platforms and newsletter for those announcements.

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